Twin Colorful Bedding for Kids

Colorful Kids Bedding is no longer an integral part of the children's rooms and bedrooms of youngsters. And it's much more than a blanket and a pillow. Children and young people want to completely "roll classic" in their heroes such as police, fire, knights, pirates, etc. - to sleep curled up - with the boys - and princess, ballerina, fairy, etc. - with the girls. Or choose your favorite stars from TV and movies, such as SpongeBob, Cars, Dora, Princess Lillifee, Winnie the Pooh, Bob the Builder,  or your favorite toys like Barbie, Playmobil, horses, bears, farm and construction or similar , out in order to decorate the nursery, because the bed is a central piece of furniture in every child.

 With increasing age of the children pop and rock stars as Hannah Montana, teen idols from High School Musical, Camp Rock, Tokio Hotel, Jimi Blue etc. or Stars of TV serials and movies like Twilight, House of Anubis, The Simpsons, Avatar will etc and cult labels such as Sheepworld, Hello Kitty and Ed Hardy, or the favorite football club and Formula1 Stars and more important, should be a focal point in the room and emphasize the current enthusiasms. 

Most popular are the classic cotton variants Linon / Renforce- and Biber / flannel, followed by microfibre and gloss satin bed linen. 100% cotton bed linens are extremely absorbent and breathable at the same time but also durable, relatively tear-resistant and easy to clean in the washing machine - depending on the color and quality - up to 60 degrees machine washable and dryable.

The two design features Linon or Renforce relate pleasantly smooth, is very slightly glossy and conformable to the weave of cotton sheets, which forms a fine, relatively lightweight, tightly woven and durable cotton fabric, the "canvas-like" with its structure. Cotton sheets in Linon- / Renforce quality is suited by its characteristics ideal for the summer.

The beaver or flannel variant of cotton bed linens have the same breathable, temperature-regulating and easy-care properties as the smooth bed linens, but are either on one side or slightly brushed on both sides, which gives them a nice cuddly soft touch and are especially warm - ideal for winter bed linens , Microfiber bed linens are usually made of 100% polyester, a very fine (finer than silk), uniform and lightweight, synthetic high-tech synthetic fiber. Sheets made of microfiber is moisture-regulating, breathable, easy to clean, particularly soft flowing, supple and pleasant on the skin. Microfiber bed linens are iron generally. Satin sheets can be produced both 100% cotton and 100% polyester.

A satin sheet is particularly distinguished by its noble-gloss exterior and brings with it a little "luxury" to bed.

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