A Complete Beginners Guide to Kids Bedding

We invite you to our beautiful Bed linen for children to browse for Kids. Soft colors in shades of pink and lilac are also represented, such as fresh and vibrant color schemes in combination with green and pink.

Classical motifs such as horses, floral patterns or issues surrounding the castle and princesses are still popular. But of course, classic patterns such as plaids, stripes or points are also in the range for Kids.

All of our well-known bedding brands have a variety of bed linens Kids in the program. Whether Annette Frank, Designers Guild, Taftan or Little Dutch - all offer enchanting and beautiful designs for the Kids rooms. Of course we also have bedding for boys in our assortment.

Kids Bedding

Bedclothes in the Kids room play quite an important and decisive role when it comes to decorating and furnishing the room. Because just for Kids, there is an infinite variety of beautiful designs, color schemes and patterns on the bed linens.

Each cot is enhanced by the Mustere and motives and transported themes, dreams and stories. The vast majority of classical themes for Kids is very expressive and conveys strong emotions.

With the most popular themes and motifs include flowers and floral patterns. Sometimes they are delicate and restrained, sometimes opulent and bombastic. Floral pattern exude joy of living, freedom and freshness. This is reflected in most cases in the colors resist, in which love pink and pinks are mixed with green.

Fairy-tale motifs, princesses and castles are also in how animals - especially birds and butterflies. For Specimens Patchwork pattern, classic plaids and course points are very high in demand.

And so it is hardly surprising that manufacturers like Annette Frank, Designers Guild and for example sly put their emphasis on above-mentioned pattern.Speaking of manufacturers, almost all tie your bed linens in an overall design concept. Your favorite bedding can satisfy your desire with matching children rugs, children's lamps and especially textiles combine.

What Size Bedding is the Right One?

On this question, there is no universal answer. First of all, a children's bed linen is indeed useful for more than a few years. In the first time your baby will sleep in a sleeping bag. This has huge advantages in the first time. Linens come here too early. The movements are not yet coordinated. Your baby may be struggle free at night and thus cool or even get under the covers.

Also, some locks of diverse bed linens are not very suitable for babies and toddlers. And then there is the homely and comforting picture while looking at the little baby cots. For many Baby bedclothes there are matching bed fabrics, such as sky, nest, ceilings or music boxes. Either way - you and your child will feel when the right time has come from a shift from sleeping to the first small bedding. This cannot moor in numbers.

The first bed linen size will be 100 x 135 cm. There are also the matching pillows in the size of 40 x 60 cm. This is a standard measure that is met by all manufacturers. Every now and then it can at Dutch manufacturers or brands from Scandinavia happen that the dimensions differ slightly. However, a few centimeters difference is not a big problem.Your duvet will still fit well.

For a crib that would indeed too big. Conversely, even in the big bed there is no reason why a small bedding to use. But even that will be comfortable for you and your child.  Browse our site for more information about the sizes and other things worth knowing about the bedding.

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